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I worked with Georgia for the reality show production “Ma insoara mama” (Marry My Son) for the Romanian tv channel ProTV. Georgia did a good job, I was very happy with her work and can recommend her.t's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Volker Michels

General Producer ‘Marry My Son’ (Ma insoara mama) prime time reality show for ProTV Romania

I have worked with Georgia Mihalcea and my experience was very positive. We filmed a Dutch reality show about two transgenders looking for their gypsy roots. As you might understand that’s quite complicated. Georgia dealt with the transgender and gypsy part very respectfully and professionally. And she delivered. I asked her for three totally different groups of gypsy’s and she made it work. We visited rich, poor and spiritual gypsy’s. We were very happy with her work. She speaks English very well. And she also translated certain parts for us, back in The Netherland while we were editing. She was a real help in researching, producing and post-producing..

Martijn Weerink

Director and Producer at StrixTv for ‘Louisa & Rosanna” reality show for TLC Netherlands

Georgia possesses a remarkably diverse skill set and creative intellect -- focusing equally on innovative business solutions as well as “global good” applications of new technologies. She is truly a “mover and shaker”. If one has need of a top-level media fixer/line producer, or, a tuned-in, innovative solutions provider – especially in the context of international business collaboration and development – one need look no further than her.

Michael Ricciardi

Serial Awarded Innovator, We Are Solvers

I highly recommend Georgia as a fixer. I worked with her on a very complicated shoot for Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown" and she was incredibly professional, intuitive, great at anticipating needs, and has an incredible non-stop work ethic. She would be an asset to any production.

Shannon Green

Field Producer. Travel Channel, Expedition Unknown production in Romania.

​I met Georgia through the fact that we are both winners of Innocentive Challenges and a subgroup of winners was set up to allow further discussions. she has had a remarkably diverse series of world and employment experiences.  My sense is that she is intelligent and creative, and she has the ability to get projects completed and at high quality.

David Galbraith

PhD Professor at University of Arizona, USA. Awarded Innovator. We Are Solvers.

We have worked for more than two months together, for the series Expedition Unknown - Travel Channel, and the experience was more than positive. She is a very good fixer, very hard working, very skilled, the results were more than satisfactory. The american team told us when they left that this was one of the best experiences that they ever had with fixers around world. I recommend her with enthusiasm!

Petronela Rotar

Writer and Journalist. Expedition Unknown production in Romania.

Georgia is one of the highest professionals that I have worked with, who strives for excellence and surpasess performance standards from a distance, throughout all the aspects of a production. Always finding the right approach. ready to deliver on a timely manner, she is a team player & a problem solver with the ability  to perform remarkably in stressful situations. I would team up with Georgia anytime for a world class project.

Beatrice Popa

Creative Producer at Paprika Studios and Fixer for Destination Truth 3 and 5

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