"Sunmoon" trailer is now online! Trust Your Star!

"Sunmoon" trailer is ready to watch since this morning! Or, at least a version of it.

It is not quite the easiest thing in the world to make a trailer for an 8-minute short, even 7 if we take out the credits, but I think the outcome is reasonable.

When you are in the box Jack of all trades, you are not the best person to have an objective opinion about it, so if you are in the mood to leave me your 2 cents here or on the film's forum page, that might give me a better sense of reality.

It should be 10% of the film's duration and if take out the intro and the outro, we are there.

I hope you'll like it enough to watch the film when it gets public (sometimes this summer-autumn, depending on its festival's life). The film has a running time of 8 minutes, I made it during my quarantine days in Bucharest, it features the Romanian actress Marcela Motoc, Piper from Piper Animation Show and the magic songs for Scott Moodie.

Enjoy :)

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