"Sunmoon" film info sheet.

SUNMOON | Trust Your Star | A film created by Georgia Mihalcea


Trapped during a solar eclipse between life and death for 6 minutes after a virus infection, Piper meets her alter egos from different realities, Sunmoon, her human star, and her spirit animal Phany, who help her make the ultimate choice by revealing a higher truth.


When a virus pushes Piper beyond life during a solar eclipse, her spirit animal Phany unravels from the unseen to save her. He activates the exit crisis website with daydreamers and misfit thinkers from Earth and shares his soul with her to buy her time.

The misfits’ unseen intervention brings to surface Piper’s human alter ego and star, Sunmoon, but also a truth: Piper left a question unanswered on Earth and she has 6 minutes left (the rest of the film duration) to figure out what it is and to choose how to answer it. “Trust your star Sunmoon”, the misfits say.

Sunmoon connects with Piper’s fragmented soul by transforming herself into a two-rainbow butterfly to help Piper see who she is and to heal her lava heart by guiding her towards a higher truth: “Love remembers you”; Sunmoon says.


A Romanian-American psychedelic experience

Writer, Director, Producer: Georgia Mihalcea, Romania Music Composer: Scott Moodie , United States of America Graphic Designer: Maria Cristina Mihalcea, Romania Actress: Marcela Motoc, Romania

Running time: 8 minutes (with credits) Genre: psychedelic, fantasy, cross-reality, spiritual, alternative Production Studio: | growth through film Year of production: 2020, April Country of production: Romania (Bucharest capital city) Language of film: English (with English subtitles) Hashtags: #sonmoon #trustyourstar


Georgia Mihalcea Bio-Filmography

Georgia was born on April 25th, 1979 in Romania, has a BA in Economics since 2002 and today she is pursuing a Film Production MFA at the National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale" from Bucharest where she makes the best of her merit scholarship by designing the foundations for her Ph.D. and building her creative portfolio as a film author and creative producer.

Living at the confluence of entrepreneurship, innovation, and filmmaking, Georgia explores accessible storytelling venues and formulas that hold the potential to open new horizons and build cross-industries and cross-realities bridges through film.

“Sunmoon” is not only the X-film that marks her debut, but it also plays a pivotal role in her film production research paper, being her first use case.

Georgia spends her time learning how to best integrate in the filmmaking process her strategic creative mind that she mostly used for solving cross-industry problems in the American open innovation global competitions where she won multiple awards. She shares her ideas on – the journal of a misfit thinker, a niche website that totem Phany used to save Piper by activating her human alter-ego, Sunmoon.

Georgia lived on Tenerife, a Spanish island in the Canaries, for 7 years, a mystic place she calls her second-home. In between productions, she coaches adults and youngsters to exit crises, to become more resilient and to break through against adversity through using creativity in ways they never considered before.

Georgia believes curiosity is a catalyst for action and a way out of pain and confusion, a guiding star to a happier, more authentic and meaningful life.




  • Short films: “I Love You” (fantasy-drama, source for Sunmoon, due to pandemic Sunmoon is an animated version of the real film), “The Locationist” (dramedy), “Canarian Dream” (fantasy-dramedy), “A Night on Valentine’s” (drama), “Prima Donnas” (comedy), “Magic Blue” (dramedy).

  • Features: “The Vlah” (fantasy-history), “1999” (coming of age, teenage crime story)

  • TV Show (docuseries for reality tv): “S.O.S. I’m in the soup”


"Sunmoon" is a film about transformation made during COVID-19 virus pandemic, a time when each character was isolated in its own untold story and crepuscular reality, trapped in a redundant time loop with the world murmuring from the other side.

For me, walking into the unknown is what my life is about, but for my characters from all my other stories, this restless virus caused a revolution. How to break free? We all wondered in a voice. I spent my quarantine time asking myself how to turn air into something that has a drop of meaning, shape, and sense.

"Sunmoon" is one of the answers that I found.

We were dancing in the dark following each other’s light. The story unraveled itself with each step forward. We had no clue where it will take us. It had a will and life of its own, we were there for it to speak its truth. It never crossed my mind that from all the scripts that I wrote for my debut, most of them in the dramedy-fantasy area, the first will be a cross-reality fantasy-psychedelic short made in quarantine during a pandemic.


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