Brand Art Film or XFilm concept

Making a Brand Art Film is a strategic decision at its core. The XFilm is a movie built on one's X-factor made for the purpose to accelerate growth, exit various crises fast, compete in film festivals, and conquer new frontiers. 

A similar approach, but towards a different direction and with different outcomes and goals, is already explored by one of the most notorious film festivals in the world, Tribeca, with its XAward category where it celebrates the intersection of advertising and storytelling, and investigates the venues of branded entertainment. However, while it is focused more on corporate area, our focus is small businesses, start-ups, and independent performers.


When you order a Brand Art Film, you must expect your life to change in ways you never considered or imagined because you cross all the lines of your world and of what you know.


The film, as product and art, challenges everything that is familiar to us because this is what cinematography is about, especially when you are part of its making or its subject. Choosing to make an XFilm is a bold move. 

The Brand Art Film under our signature has the following 10 powers:

  1. short: a great addition to your online content strategy;

  2. artsy: competes in film festivals all around the world;

  3. impactful: sells your culture, vision, and mission;

  4. entertaining: engages cross-industry audiences;

  5. affordable: stories tailored to your budget (see example);

  6. educational: a great connector between you and your audience;

  7. profitable: not a cost, but an investment with a fast ROI;

  8. legacy: a film is eternal; being both artsy and commercial, you leave a uniquely beautiful legacy beyond your space and time;

  9. integrator: you, your family, friends, partners, and employees can play in it to some degree or be in it as extras. Or, if you have a deeper pocket and want a top actor to play in it, well...the possibilities are endless.

  10. business card: vivid, truthful, and inspiring way to tell people who you are and make them smile from miles away.


The Brand Art Film has the X-Culture paradigm at its core, meaning a strategy design built on one's uniqueness and authenticity, but also on the alignment between one's world and the world.

Your brand art film simply works for you long after its conception.

Our business is putting independent filmmaking in your service 

Identifying impactful stories and subjects in a brand's history, translating them into the right film formats and genres to give them a multi-facet and cross-industry power is what Daydreamer.Pictures business is about.


Making such powerful productions possible for a variety of budgets is our lifetime training and the value of our network of professionals. Making them shine in the crowd is our superpower.

The film has limitless power and we are in the mission of exploring how a movie can build links and bridges between independent filmmakers and small business owners, young and first-time entrepreneurs, and other independents, from actors, musicians, artists from all paths of life and corners of the world to freelancers, who take life in their own hands and need amplifying instruments and venues to exist, survive and thrive.

Why us?

Led by passion, skills, and determination confirmed by many awarded innovative solutions to smaller and global scale challenges, by love for cinematography, and a strategic mindset developed in years of business, management, and entrepreneurship, we are uniquely prepared performers fit for this type of mission. 

Georgia constantly explores how to best identify, extract, design, and wrap meaningful stories in engaging packages to fit both cinema and business mediums, but also independents, acting as screenwriter, director, and creative producer many times, not to become a star in these areas but to be able to translate with high fidelity her vision to her team, working partners and beneficiaries. In this regard, she has her own portfolio of XFilms that she is developing and producing.


She accelerated this adventure in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic when all productions were suspended, leaving the film industry in a very vulnerable position. She realized that she can no longer delay this journey because today we need each other in ways we never considered before.


This research journey about identifying and producing inspiring and cutting-edge storytelling narratives for brand art films is also the subject of her Film Production MFA dissertation thesis in 2021 and the foundation of her upcoming Ph.D.


Combining her background as an entrepreneur, innovator, and producer with the academic venue makes her a great integrator, translator, and facilitator.

Our mix of generations finds today in charge of writing a story about a life that makes more sense, especially now, when we live our first life in the post-pandemic era. We are in a unique position that allows us to create through collaboration the most beautiful legacy for the ones who follow, in cinematography and in our surrounding environment, as we are all connected. 

Daydreamer.Pictures is here to be part of this story.




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