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smart ideas make us click

We are a small creative team focused on bringing new and interesting things into the world.​


Daydreamer Pictures is a video and writing content family affair born from curiosity and focused on developing, producing and selling online educational and creative original content. We have operational units in Bucharest, Romania and Tenerife, Spain.

Content type 

We started Daydreamer Pictures as a hobby project to allow ourselves the freedom to create and produce the type of content that has meaning for us or that represents us through our personal stories or the stories we imagine or discover, but also to have a platform where the diversity of our cross-industry knowledge to emerge naturally in a creative way.


Our first productions are personal and they happened before opening this website. They focus on authentic content sourced from our lives that holds the potential to educate, add value, help, inspire and transform enterprising people's lives.

On the more creative and cinematic side of things we develop, produce and sell online short films themed serials, documentaries, web show serials, video casts, creative interviews with untapped communities and influencers, animation vlogs, and whatever our imagination offers us.

Collaboration With Freestyle Thinkers and Content Creators


If you have a uniquely interesting video material, book or other interesting piece of writing that you want to promote on our website or develop further into a video or animation production with our team, get in touch with us for a deal.


For serial video materials we only take in series of minimum 5 videos. They can be themed video podcasts, animations, short films, life coaching tutorials, educational videos focused on practical skills, others. 

Types of services and roles we can play in 3rd parties productions:

for major productions

  • Fixer for foreign film and tv productions in Romania and Canary Islands.

  • Locations scout and management in Romania and Canary Islands

  • Head of Production role in film and tv reality shows with big teams and budgets: operations, production management, budgets execution and implementation.

for small business owners, freelancers, DIY, artists and young & first time entrepreneurs

  • Videocasts / Vlogs productions (including video animations for marketing/ presentations/corporate training materials, others). 

  • Interviews / Studio shootings

  • Video Edit

  • Format concepts for documentaries, web shows and serials, short prose and poetry integration, marketing content strategy​


At Daydreamer Pictures we are in love with change and we are looking towards future with joy, curiosity and gratefulness for the opportunity to be given a life in such unique times. Ethics and Authenticity are our core values.

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